Why Our Consulting Company Uses Coworking Spaces

Lower costs with a flexible office solution. We don't pay for full office spaces or stringent leases, so we can pass the savings on to our clients.

Coworking spaces reduce overhead costs, improve productivity, and allow for providential encounters for business development.

We strive to lower costs for our clients. One way we do it is we don't pay for full office spaces or stringent leases. We pay for what we need and nothing more. We can pay daily fees or monthly. Coworking spaces are often flexible. The flexibility also enables us to be in virtually any city in the world and have a conference room to meet our clients.

How Much Do We Pay for a Coworking Space?

We generally pay $60 - $600/month for flexible coworking spaces.

What's it Like Being in a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces are often creative spaces that are professionally designed. They can be inspiring places to work at while providing great perks like gourmet coffees and craft beers.

Coworking spaces often have different "nooks" where people can move and feel like they are in a separate space. Maybe one area is like a library. Or another area is like a coffeeshop. Or another area is like a diner booth. Changing spaces can help change your mindset.

How Do Coworking Spaces Benefit Media Consulting Clients?

Coworking spaces around the world allow us to visit clients where they are... or where they want to be. Oftentimes consulting companies won't visit clients because it is too costly or their client doesn't bring in enough revenue. We believe all clients deserve in person meetings where possible and coworking spaces allow us to deliver enhanced client interactions.

Coworking spaces combined with a work from home / work from anywhere policy enable us to have happy workers that can interface with clients in a positive manor.

We encourage our clients to utilize coworking spaces for themselves and reap efficiency benefits.

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